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Mr. Allen Lee, Founder and CEO of PEOPLElogy Group

“Success in an organization is determined by it’s willingness to instill continuous learning and self development among employees “

Allen Lee was always a believer that there was no limit to the human potential. Started his career as a Counsellor-cum-Marketing Executive of an established college, Allen Lee was instrumental with organizing personal development workshops and seminar for college students. What was an initially a mundane, routine job molded Allen’s Lee’s character and revealed him a calling of becoming a self-made entrepreneur.

Upon completion of Masters in Arts Administration in United States, Allen Lee jumped straight into building his own business. Even though he faced many challenges, even business failures, it only strengthen his resolve and determination. He kept pushing himself and worked tirelessly without fail in order to achieve his true calling.

Only when Allen Lee goes back to his roots where he found success – He turned his life passion of learning, training and people development into a business with the intention of inculcating the desire to learn among people. His dream company, called PEOPLElogy was built in 2004 and it grew to a formidable presence in the training industry.

However, the training industry soon proved to be very competitive with major key player who controlled a big chunk of the market. In 2012, Allen decided to pivot his company direction from a business-centric organization to an employee-centric organization with the intention to disrupt the training industry. In turn, it solidifies the company’s foundation with the focus of becoming a premier People Development Solution Provider. Rather than appearing as a generic training company, PEOPLElogy devoted themselves in aiding people in developing their life, career and well-being through PEOPLElogy’s multiple brands. Soon what started off as a 5 employee organization grew to accommodate 50 employees and growing with branches in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.


• 15 years experience • 8 different brands • 7 Different awards

Looking past personal accomplishments, Allen Lee is father figure of the company that instill and project the very essence of PEOPLElogy culture, guiding employees of PEOPLElogy (PEOPLElogists) to achieve greater heights. More importantly, he continues to seek new and rising potentials to develop into successful intrapeneurs within the company.