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What makes PEOPLElogy DIFFERENT.


It all started in 2004 with a small, humble corporate training company based in Klang, where our founder Mr. Allen Lee have a burning passion to turn PEOPLElogy Development Sdn. Bhd. into the pinnacle of the learning and development industry.

The company prospered in its agile, result-driven work culture but performance hit a plateau after seven years. Even with teambuilding activity and refocusing their direction, employees are downtrodden and demoralized. As a result, productivity start to drop and it affected both culture and company morale.

Like a random spark that lit up tinder, Mr. Allen had an epiphany: instead of building PEOPLElogy on his own, his time and energy should be allocated to build and develop like-minded employees that are part of cog in the family. This is where PEOPLElogists are born and grew the company to where they are today.


Although PEOPLElogy has grown from a small rag-tag group of passionate individuals to company comprised of 50 individuals (and still growing), we still maintain an agile approach of business that are based on methodical framework and yet still employ creative problem solving and open communication. With such corporate design in mind, our PEOPLElogists are free to apply their unique talents in delivering flexible solution in achieving a common corporate goal.

Our organization framework in achieving our clientele’s goals are focused in three different dimensions:


The human element plays a huge role as they are the cogs and wheels that drives the company to achieve their goals.


Each organization requires an empirical, replicable methodology not just for their business operations, but to track individual work performance and current organization’s progress in achieving their goals.


As we move further into the digital age, applying the latest technology in business is a both a monumental and pertinent direction in order to stay competitive.


With each dimensions established, PEOPLElogy develop 3 different facets that become our approach in achieving our client’s goals:


By looking at the human element in a methodical perspective, we assess, measure and discover our client’s capabilities and hidden potential.


The client’s capabilities and hidden potential are further developed with tools, courses and knowledge that are designed to reinforce and encourage improvement.


we record and digitalize our client’s pre and post measurement to with simple, easy to access technology.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the most innovative, impactful and inspiring people development solution provider that encourages life-long learning, nurtures innovation and support technology into any individuals that work in any organization.

Our Mission

To inspire 1 million lives through people discovery, people development, & people digitalization.